Venus Retrograde Heroines Journey by LOUISE EDINGTON

Venus Retrograde Heroines Journey

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Journey to Discover Your Inner Gold: The Basic Journey

  • go really deep into the self.
  • find a deeper purpose.
  • create a more meaningful life.
  • lead the way into the New Paradigm in Sisterhood
  • 7 week class, 8 group calls
  • Facebook Community/Group
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7 Week Online Class to Discover Your Inner Gold

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What's included?

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Call Details for main calls beg May 13th
Call Details. Dates and Link From May 13 through June 24 at 2pm MST
Your Natal Venus Star Point
Venus Retrograde Heroine's Journey: Pre Class Work
How To Use This Section
Cast Your Own Chart and Find the Retrograde
10 mins
The 12 Astrological Houses 1.jpg
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The 12 Astrological Houses 2.jpg
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Pre Shadow Call April 10th 2020. The Venus Synodic Cycle
Venus Webinar Recording: Unlisted
Week One. May 13 2020. The Journey begins
Innana: Queen of Heaven and earth
Week One Recording: Gates One and two
(1h 18m 03s)
12Minute Drumming Track with Whistles and Rattles
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Week Two. May 20 2020. Gates One through Three
Venus Week 2 .pdf
1.16 MB
Week 2 Recording: Gates 1-3
(1h 37m 43s)
Week Three. May 26 2020. Gates 4 and 5
Week 3: Gates 4 and 5
(1h 03m 09s)
Week 3 Slides Color Background
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Week 3 Slides White Background
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Week Four June 3 2020. Gates 6 and 7 - into the underworld
Venus Mudra
Daddy Changed the World
Wild shamanic DOUBLE DRUMMING JOURNEY (15 min.)
Dr Cornel West: The Future Depends on How We Respond
Week Four Recording
(1h 15m 26s)
Week 4 .pdf
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Copy of Week 4 - white.pdf
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Week Five. June 10 2020.
Week 5: Dismemberment
(1h 14m 07s)
Louise Edington - CERES IN 2020 - GRIEF FOR WHAT WAS
Week 5 .pdf
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Copy of Week 5 White.pdf
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Week Six. June 17 2020.
Call 6 Transfiguration
60 mins
Go into a DEEP TRANCE : Shamanic DRUM JOURNEY (28 min.)
Week 6 .pdf
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Copy of Week 6 White.pdf
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Week Seven. June 24 2020.
Venus Week 7. Into the Daylight
(1h 09m 27s)
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Week 7.pdf
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Copy of Week 7 White .pdf
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Week Eight. July 1 2020. Penultimate Gathering. What's Ahead.
Week 8 - Journey Ends
(1h 13m 45s)
Copy of Week 8 White .pdf
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Week 8 .pdf
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Extras. Book links etc
Venus Star Rising Hardback
The Venus Star Point: Kindle/Less Info
Shamanic Journeying: A Beginners Guide
Innana: Queen of Heaven and earth